Noosa Beach Hire Prices

Noosa Beach Hire Prices

*When you hire a Surfboard or Body Board from Noosa Beach Hire you get a long sleeved rash shirt to use during your hire for free. (Great value!) See Noosa Beach Hire Prices below

We have a range of soft beginner surfboards ranging in size from 6ft 4inch up to 10ft 6 inch.

Rash shirts and wetsuits range in size from size 6 up to XXL. We use long sleeve rash shirts and have a range of short arm and short leg wetsuits for the cold winter months.(it is still warm in Noosa during winter for anyone from Sydney or Melbourne!)

Noosa Beach Hire Prices


Noosa Surf Lesson – Hire Prices

Soft Surfboards*

$20 for up to 1hour

$30 for up to 2hours

$40 for up to 4hours

$50 for all day

Body Boards*

$10 for up to 1 hour

$15 for up to 2 hours

$25 for up to 4 hours

Hiring a surfboard or bodyboard from Noosa Surf Lessons can consequently allow you to practice and improve your skills. But it is important to choose the location and conditions which you plan to use the equipment in carefully and make sure your ability is good enough to above all, keep safe. Bodyboards can be used inside the red and yellow lifesaver flags which as a result will make using the bodyboard much safer.

Surfboards can not be used in between the red and yellow lifesaver flags because this area is only for swimmers and bodyboarders.

Soft surfboards (G Boards) are much more suitable for beginners and the size is also important to make it easy. The larger the surf board – the easier it is to stand up. For adults we recommend between 8ft 6inch and 10ft 6 inch for big guys. For kids who are light and under 12 we suggest 7ft 6 inch or less. Remember larger is easier to stand on – even though it may be harder to carry and push around in the water.

If you are a complete beginner we certainly recommend having a surf lesson to make it easy and safe for you to enjoy.

Noosa Surf Lessons - Hire Prices
After surf lesson photo at Noosa